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 Service repositioning 
This is the story of the French subsidiary of a leading global Group which operates on a high image market, and whose name is recognized and well-liked the world over. Results are good. Everyone is happy in their work - indeed, there is almost a sense of arrogance in the air. Relations with distributors, the " lucky ones " are a throwback to the feudal system.

The French management team is aware that this is not necessarily a good thing ; the company could find itself in a cul-de-sac. The marketing mix is lacking in coherence. In the long-term, the brand image, and therefore the company, may become tarnished. A strategic decision is made : to reposition the brand by bringing Customer Service to the core of all actions and practices.

Eur'Egide is called in to manage the transition process within teams which are strongly Product-oriented and which reject the notion of Service. The situation is made only to clear to us during a meeting when a manager stands up, dictionary in hand, and reads out the definition of the word "service" - derived from the Latin "servitium", meaning "slavery" !

12 months later, the managers have accepted the new positioning and become its driving force. Field and head office teams have taken on board a new Charter of Distributor Relations. An initial survey of the sales team confirms that they have perceived a change in their relationships. Sales Reps are now awarded a variable bonus, based on the qualitative results obtained.

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