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 Remobilization of a manufacturing site 
A new MD, whose predecessor has been sacked, takes over the control of a site with a workforce of 1600. Labour relations are somewhat difficult, with a strong union hold. The site is the main employer in the local community. There has recently been a shake-up of the Management Committee.

Before reinvesting, the shareholder wants to see that the site is profitable and a high level of product quality. Management turnover is pretty high and a redundancy programme is in the works.

The MD requests Eur'Egide's assistance in helping the management team to remobilize the site, particularly in so far as methods of working are concerned and also to limit the consequences of the redundancy programme.

Within 15 months, all of the objectives have been achieved, with all managers, from team leaders to the members of the management committee, fully mobilized. The redundancy programme has been carried out without any serious hitches. The company is showing signs of profitability. Quality is back on the agenda, with the site having obtained certification.

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