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For each mission, a systemic view of the company's dimensions is taken. In order to have the best possible awareness and understanding of the company, we take a close look at the interaction between the following corporate elements : organisation, management style, available competencies, information systems, strategy and values.

In this way, we avoid falling into the trap of proposing standardized solutions addressing typical issues. On the contrary, our aim is to always focus on creative activity, so as to be able to propose specific and original solutions.

In order to mobilize the energy of all members of the company to the major strategic aims and to ensure a real, authentic transfer of knowledge, we propose at least one of the two dimensions of the Energ'Ethic® concept.

During our interventions, every effort is made to create the best possible conditions for triggering action and for facilitating the desired change.

We work side-by-side with management teams - not in their place. From senior executive to junior manager, we equip everyone with the tools required for relaying information to their people.
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Mergers - Takeovers
Business model change
Remobilization of a manufacturing site
Service repositioning
Product-to-service transition
Management coaching
Acquisition of management competencies
(via the D.T.M. program)
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