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 Product-to-Service migration 
A world n°2 company operating in three main sectors of activity: construction, renovation and maintenance, has a French structure with a workforce in excess of 2500, with a technical and manufacturing culture and a strong union presence. The Management Committee has recently been reshuffled by the new Managing Director. The latter is an advocate of more direct relations between management and staff. A matrix-based organization has recently been implemented but is not yet fully operational. There are real difficulties in deploying holding-sponsored projects on the French network (which is made up of twenty or so regional entities). The demand from the holding company is for greater profitability.

In reply to this demand, the French subsidiary decides to implement a significant shift from manufacturing towards service.

To carry out this transition, the Executive Committee adopts the principle of a shared Company Project, the aim of which is to ensure the complete coherence of all current and future projects and actions.

Eur'Egide is called in to draw up the Project and to mobilize the support of the workforce. It quickly becomes clear that new working methods must be developed in order to optimize the new activity-based organization. Customer service and quality must become the new reflex actions.

This mission is currently reaching maturity. New practices are beginning to appear. Widespread deployment of the Project is scheduled for Spring 2002.

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