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 Mergers & takeovers 
Once upon a time, two manufacturing companies agreed to merge. A little later along came a third company who also had ideas about joining in.

The two main companies were in direct competition in most of their business areas ; furthermore, their corporate culture and management models were directly opposed. The takeover company was losing money at the time, had a complex structure, and the legal status of its subsidiaries was far from homogenous. The management style of the takeover company was, to put it lightly, somewhat autocratic.

The new management team contacted Eur'Egide to provide assistance in ensuring a smooth merger, with a special emphasis on behavioural aspects.

18 months later, the merger was a complete success ; a common corporate identity had been established, based on a totally-shared project aimed at ensuring a smooth culture-shock transition. Synergy prevailed and financial results remained, at the very least stable, and at best were exceeded.

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