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 Management coaching 
For all general managers and other people who have to implement a strategic project, we propose specialized coaching aimed at helping them to:
  • Improve their performance and enhance their impact on their teams
  • Give greater meaning to their actions
  • Discover greater personal balance
  • Increase their Energy ; that which they deploy within the company and which serves to mobilize or to demobilize their people.
 What is the place of Energy in Management Coaching ? 
The quality of management impulse can be compared to the action of a drop of water which falls onto the surface of a lake. When the drop hits the surface of a lake, a series of ripples are dispatched from the point of impact. The deployment of a manager's actions can be compared to this ripple effect.

For the manager's actions to be successfully received, the surface of the water (i.e. the company) must be sufficiently agitated by the initial impact of the drop (i.e. the support of the Executive Committee). Managers then downshift, or relay the project throughout the company, sending ripples to all sides of the lake, to the outer edges, where clients and suppliers are to be found …

Energy is the key to ensuring that at each stage of the process, the project is extended to contacts outside your own structure. This is one of the two dimensions of the Energ'Ethic concept, Energy deployment.

The type of Management Coaching which we propose is based on operational work. A detailed, situation-based program, enables the development of an effective Energ'Ethic management style. A high level of competency acquisition is achieved and the excellent results achieved speak for themselves.

Eur'Egide provides input at three key stages :

 1 - Identification
To identify and understand :
  • Your professional and personal project ;
  • The current level of cohesion and adhesion to each of your practices ;
  • The causes of the main malfunctions ;
  • The strategic environment : qualitative identification of the key players.
 2 - Corrective actions
Corrective actions are carried out in compliance with pre-defined action plans :
  • Ad hoc program ;
  • Training through experimenting and accelerated learning (with the D.T.M. program);
  • Monitoring of action plans ;
  • Measurement of results.
 3 - Follow-up and measurement of results
  • Hot-line : throughout the mission, a Hot-line service is made available to participants, providing real-time assistance - answering questions about events encountered or solving any specific implementation difficulties.
  • Management Barometer : our Fuzzy Expertise software package provides you with a measurement system, which allows you to regularly and progressively adjust your aim in line with your Management Model.
Regular on-site and off-site one-to-one working meetings are held, the aim of which is to ensure that the pre-defined action plans are working out as planned and that you are on-line to achieve your objectives. Regular debriefing occurs during and after each meeting.

Complete confidentiality is assured, in compliance with our code of ethics.
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