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 Business model transition 
An international company working in the field of industry, a member of a major Group.

The company has around 1000 employees, working in research and technology. Staff turnover is close to zero. Union relations are somewhat strained. A European management committee is in place. The company is currently losing money. The Group Executive Committee calls a meeting with the Managing Director of the Company, appointed just 1 year before, in order to turn things around and to make the company profitable again.

The CEO signs a partnership agreement with 2 global Groups and states his attention to migrate the core business of the company from research to Service.

He requests assistance from Eur'Egide in setting up the new partnership and in launching the new business model : what is particularly important is to get the former business model out of the system, to change people's behaviour and to implement a new system of Service development.

In a little more than 12 months, the objectives have been achieved : by getting the new business model accepted and shared by everyone, by mobilizing engineers towards new practices, by opening up to the companies and by publishing as " open source " on the net, the former know-how of the company, which up until then was a closely guarded secret ! The profits come rolling in.
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