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Do you play a role in implementing the strategic aims of your company ?
If so, there are several key issues that you have to deal with :
the deployment of all associated decisions.
the mobilization of all members of your organization so as to successfully relay your policies.
Eur'Egide provides assistance in implementing your projects by making sure that the key players in your company are fully prepared.
Our objective is to help you to achieve concrete, significant, sustainable results, with minimum risks.
 Mergers-Takeovers  Case study  On-line simulation
More than half of all mergers fail to generate the anticipated profits. Eur'Egide has just completed the merger of 3 companies who were previously in competition with each other. Measure your awareness of the human risks associated with a merger.
Eur'Egide looks at the reasons for this failure. Find out how. Take the test now.

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Eur'Egide : conseil en management stratégique

Strategic aims
•  Mergers - Takeovers
•  Business model change
•  Remobilization of a manufacturing site
•  Service repositioning
•  Product-to-service transition
•  Management coaching
•  Acquisition of management competencies
(via the D.T.M. program)
Our clients
•  All our references
Eur'Egide drives the